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14. Feb 2024

Heart of Lech

Valentine`s Day 2024

A special day of the year

14th of February - The Day of Love - Where, if not in Lech Zürs, would you rather spend this day? We give you the chance to make the day of love very special: "The Heart of Lech". 

14th of February 2024, 6:15 pm

A heart from Lech Zürs for all our guests on Valentine's Day. As in previous years, we have decided to light the heart again in 2024. For all those who would like to be there and take a souvenir photo: The heart will burn for about 2 hours from 6:15 pm. 

Walk of Love

Via the Flühenweg, the "Walk of Love" leads you directly to the burning heart. Along the way, we invite you to reflect and eternalise your special moments of love. The most beautiful view of the flaming heart is near Bernhard's Stall. 

We are looking forward to see you!

The Heart of Lech is waiting for you. Just take a short walk along the Flühenweg to Oberstubenbach and send your dearest friends a beautiful picture from Lech. #heartoflech

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