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Refresh me!

8 Hikes along the water in Lech Zürs

Many people head to the sea for the hottest days of the year. But it is also incredibly beautiful in the mountains. Instead of long journeys, there are comfortable "gondola flights" and pleasant hikes. Instead of crabs and beach chairs, there are regional delicacies in a rustic hut atmosphere. Instead of sand and salt water, there are crystal-clear mountain lakes that blend uniquely into the lush green alpine landscape. It's bearable, isn't it?

On these eight tours we take you to the most beautiful waters in the Lech Zürs region. Because we know that you long for refreshment on these hot summer days, we let you hike to the turquoise blue Formarinsee, explore the beautiful Spullersee and test the cold waters of the Butzensee. Along the way, there are refreshing places to discover like the hidden Zug waterfall and we'll guide you along the happily rippling Lech. Of course, there is also a slightly different form of refreshment for you to taste: the cool drink at a rustic hut.


Let the cold streams of the Lech Bach become your personal Kneipp pool or immerse your whole body in the cold waters of a mountain lake. Enjoy the summer air, which is just that little bit milder up here in the mountains. Look forward to being far away from civilisation (at least it feels that way) and, with a bit of luck, having a mountain lake all to yourself.


As soon as you arrive in our region, you will notice that summer is not quite as hot here - after all, our accommodation and hotels are sometimes located at 1,450 metres and more. At the same time, our lakes and streams are masters at giving you a well-deserved refreshment. If not physically, then certainly at least mentally.

1. Around the Formarinsee

Every year the most beautiful place in Austria is chosen - and in 2015 it was the well-deserved turn of Lake Formarin. Its beauty is still hard to believe.


A bus takes you almost to its shore, and you only have to master a short stretch on a slightly sloping path. Then its emerald green waters open up before you. Peacefully placed - directly under the Rote Wand - the lake is a magical spot on earth. And the starting point for your crisp and truly idyllic circular hike.

2. Around the Spullersee

Time to go around the dreamlike Spullersee. A tour that you should not miss - whether you live nearby or are just visiting Lech Zürs. You can pack your fishing and climbing gear right away! But this is also the right place for a leisurely family hike.

3. Two lakes and the Gehren ridge

This eleven-kilometre summit hike is challenging but absolutely worthwhile. Start at the Spullersee lake. At the beginning, you hike a short distance along the water until the hiking trail to the Gehrengrat branches off to the right. You hike steadily uphill, past a refuge and across green mountain pastures. 


You will be rewarded by two lakes on this hike: the Spullersee and the Formarinsee. The Freiburger Hütte also offers a well-deserved reward!

4. Zürsersee and the second stage of the Grüner Ring

Ever heard of the Grüne Ring? If not, then today is the day for it. It not only stands for a lot of greenery, but of course also has a sparkling lake in store. This section is the second stage of the circular hike - a not too difficult tour with an all the more refreshing stopover.

5. Monzabonsee and the first stage of the Grüner Ring

The first stage of the Grüner Ring also leads to a refreshing spot on earth. Lake Monzabon at 2,226 metres is small with an area of just 0.48 hectares, but it gets relatively warm in summer. The perfect stopover for your summer hike.

6. Lechweg first stage: always along a torrent

The Lech river begins its journey to the Donau at the picturesque Formarinsee lake and this is also where the 125-kilometre Lechweg trail starts. On this 14-kilometre hike you get to know the first stage of the long-distance hiking trail. You hike through one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe and are constantly accompanied by the bubbling of the Lech.

7. Mohnenfluh: summit happiness with a view of Butzensee

Are you an early riser? Perfect, because this hike is particularly rewarding as a sunrise tour. You will also notice this when you walk across the steaming meadows towards the summit and let yourself be tickled by the sun's rays of the dawning day. On the way down, you'll have earned a cool dip in the sparkling water of a beautiful mountain lake. But let's take it one step at a time.

8. Via the Tannberg to the Körbersee

The Tannberg hiking region is one of the most beautiful places that Lech Zürs has to offer. That is exactly why you will also explore it in the course of this hike of just under eleven kilometres. The destination of this hike: the Körbersee. A dreamlike mountain lake that tempts you to linger or even take a dip. But there is also a second lake waiting for you: the Kalbelesee is also a dreamy spot and the last highlight of this route.