Canyoning mit Arlberg Alpin in Lech am Arlberg (c) Bernadette Otter

© Canyoning mit Arlberg Alpin in Lech am Arlberg (c) Bernadette Otter

Arlberg Alpin

Are you looking for exciting outdoor activities for the whole family with experienced guides? With the team of Arlberg Alpin you will experience varied activities in the unique landscape of the Arlberg...

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Welcome to the adventure

Welcome to Arlberg Alpin

Arlberg Alpin has been active on the Arlberg since 2004. In winter we specialize in auf´s Freeriding and in summer we offer outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and canyoning. We are always anxious to show our guests the variety of sports possibilities as well as the beauty of nature at the Arlberg and to offer them an unforgettable adventure. We exclusively provide licensed mountain guides as well as professionally trained hiking and canyoning guides. Liability of Arlberg Alpin - Freeride-& Outdoorcenter GmbH is excluded.

Arlberg Alpin has been our outdoor partner in Lecher Bergsommer for many years. The best trained mountain guides, canyoning guides and outdoor trainers make your holiday an experience!

Adventure week for the whole family


Our 3D bow course offers a special experience for young and old. Who has ever been like a hunter on a stalk? The life-size animals can be hunted in a traditional way!

    • Equipment: outdoor shoes / clothing adapted to the weather
    • Age: 6 years and older / 4-10 participants
    • Costs: € 45,- per person
    • Duration: 3 hours
    • For whom? “Learning by doing” – anyone can participate
Was für ein Abenteuer beim Bogenschießen im Wald in Lech am Arlberg (c) Bernadette Otter

Climbing / climbing hall

Climbing promotes concentration, coordination and responsibility towards the rope partner. On request we are happy to organise guided alpine climbing tours for you! If the weather is bad, we will take a detour to the climbing hall.

    • Equipment: Outdoor shoes / Clothing adapted to the weather / Backpack with snack & drink
    • Age: from 5 years old / 4-10 participants
    • Costs: € 65,- per person
    • Duration: 4-5 hours
    • For whom? “Learning by doing” – anyone can participate

Via Ferratas

The via ferrata on the Arlberg all offer a magnificent mountain panorama and a beautiful summit. The Karhorn via ferrata, for example, is ideal for beginners, young people and families.

    • Equipment: outdoor shoes / clothing adapted to the weather, backpack with snack & drink
    • Age: from 10 years / 3-4 participants
    • Costs: € 125,- per person
    • Duration: 5-8 hours
    • For whom? Slip resistance / head for heights required


Equipped with neoprene suit, helmet and climbing harness we dive into a breathtaking foreign world, the Canyon. During this river bed hike we also jump, slide over naturally washed out slides into water pools and rope down over high waterfalls into clear basins.

    • Equipment: second pair of outdoor shoes for the canyon / Swimwear
    • Alter: ab 5 Jahren / 4-8 Teilnehmer
    • Kosten: Familiencaonyoning: € 75,- pro Person* / Advanced Canyoning: € 85,- pro Person
    • Dauer: 3-6 Stunden
    • Für wen? Trittsicherheit, Schwindelfreiheit, Schwimmkenntnisse

*Familiencanyoning: Besitzer der Lech Card erhalten 15 % Ermäßigung!

Hydro Speed

Hydrospeed is a whitewater sport in which the upper part of the body lies on a special float-like floating body and you descend whitewater streams with the current.

    • Equipment: swimwear & towel / sneakers that may get wet
    • Age: 10 years and older / 4-7 participants
    • Costs: Children tour € 45,-, Family tour € 75,-, Adventure tour € 95,-
    • Duration: depending on tour 2 – 5 hours
    • For whom? “Learning by doing” Swimming skills required


Dive with us into the breathtaking and crystal clear underwater world of the mountain lakes. We offer guided tours as well as trial dives around Lech. Training from beginner to professional according to PADI.

    • Equipment: Swimwear & towel / Backpack with snack & drink
    • Age: Try it out: from 8 years / 4-8 participants
    • Costs: Try it out: € 45,- per person
    • duration: sniffing: 3-4 hours
    • For whom? “Learning by doing” – anyone can participate

Horse trekking

Enjoy great riding excursions in the fantastic natural scenery of the Arlberg. Children can let off steam at the riding arena. In addition to riding and stroking horses, there is also a lot of help in the stables.

      • Equipment: Outdoor shoes
      • Age: from 4 years / max. 6 TN
    • Costs: 1 adventure day at the equestrian farm, € 45,- p.p., ride
    • Duration: approx. 3 hours
    • For whom? “Learning by doing” – anyone can participate!

Hike / summit tour

Hiking combines the desire for nature with the desire for exercise. Experience with us guided hikes or challenging summit tours around the Arlberg.

    • Equipment: Mountain boots / Clothing adapted to the weather / Backpack with snack & drinks
    • Age: Hike: from 6 years / 5-8 participants, summit tour: from 10 years / 3-4 participants
    • Costs: Hike: € 45,- per person, summit tour: € 125,- per person
    • Duration: Hike: 3-5 hours, Summit tour: 4-6 hours
    • For whom? Anyone can participate! Summit tour: surefootedness, head for heights required

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