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A winter without guests

“I'm looking forward to seeing life return to our house.”

Monika Gärtner

Director of Lechmuseum at Huber Hus

Winter 2020/21:

“I'm looking forward to seeing life return to our house.”
When it comes to our The Sound of Lech exhibition the winter was highly interesting. The most remarkable day was the day after the fire at the heating plant. I walked through the town and couldn't hear a single technical noise. No cars, no ventilation systems, no buses, no snow cannons, no snow groomers, no snow ploughs, nothing. The only sounds to be heard were those created by nature: Lechbach Creek, birds, a few children playing far away.


It was a pity for the work in the museum, because the exhibition was completely set up. Instead, we offered ten audio pieces in which people from Lech talk about the sound of the place in digital form. We created a website for children, a booklet accompanying the exhibition and launched the Lech schreibt campaign, where we asked locals to send us texts about the year 2020. And we prepared a new exhibition: Fesch – Mode für den Schnee (‘Fesch – Fashion for the Snow’).


“I'm looking forward to seeing life return to our house.” Hearing the old stairs in this old Wals Valley house creak, people talking on the upper floor. I’m looking forward to Huber Hus becoming a mid-season venue for locals again. Another thing that I would love to do again is dance the night away with friends and girlfriends.

Summer 2022:

Visitors were really grateful after we received permission to open the Fesch – Mode für den Schnee (‘Fesch – Fashion for the Snow’) exhibition after the lockdown, the visitors were very grateful. More than once, we were told that it was “such a great exhibition!” or “culture MUST be allowed!”. Despite the event restrictions in place, we were able to join forces to hold our winter theatre hike SKI LABOR LECH as an outdoor event. The media and the public were enthusiastic and we received the Vorarlberg Tourism Innovation Award 2022 for it. Meanwhile, there was also a round birthday in the family and we danced half the night away. It was great.