A low-pressure area over the British Isles will bring a cold front towards the Alps on Saturday night. The air stream will turn north-westward for longer, whereby significantly colder and more unsettled conditions will approach. Although the snow line will temporarily sink near 1100m above sea level until Monday, a long-term onset of winter is not expected. Larger amounts of new snow are expected in the mountains, however, the new snow will soon melt again. The extensions of an Azores high will approach our regions at midweek and bring warm Mediterranean air masses. Golden October weather is probably expected once more at the end of the month.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
5°C / 15°C
0% / 0%
5 h
3200 m
1°C / 4°C
100% / 80%
0 h
1700 m
-1°C / 2°C
100% / 100%
0 h
1500 m
-1°C / 6°C
60% / 30%
0 h
1900 m
1°C / 8°C
60% / 30%
0 h
3100 m