The recent period of cold weather will soon come to an end. Increasingly warmer air masses will reach us from south-west and the sun will more frequently interfere with the weather. Thursday promises mostly settled and dry weather. Some high cirrostratus clouds and scattered cumuli clouds, approaching throughout the course of the day, will remain harmless. Friday will bring somewhat more changeable weather with a slight risk for showers, occurring in the afternoons. On Saturday a weak Atlantic front and unstably layered air masses will result in rather changeable and slightly unsettled weather. Warmer and sunnier conditions are forecast for Sunday. However, the unstably layered air masses will result in hardly any showers.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
2°C / 8°C
40% / 0%
4 h
2000 m
-1°C / 15°C
0% / 0%
9 h
2900 m
2°C / 16°C
0% / 50%
6 h
3000 m
7°C / 11°C
60% / 70%
2 h
2900 m
6°C / 16°C
0% / 30%
5 h
3200 m