Around midweek, our regions are located at the eastern edge of a high-pressure area over West Europe in a lively, changeable north-westerly air stream. Somewhat fresher, though showery air masses will reach us from the Baltic Sea. The largest amounts of rain are expected on Wednesday night. Thursday will bring mostly dry and increasingly sunny weather. A high-pressure area from the west will settle in at the weekend. Dryer air is expected, the temperatures will begin to increase significantly. Summer weather conditions are forecast. The increasing instability will probably not block out the high air pressure. Showers and thunderstorms are expected, but not before starting next week.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
9°C / 13°C
60% / 30%
3 h
3000 m
2°C / 14°C
50% / 20%
6 h
2900 m
2°C / 18°C
0% / 0%
12 h
3600 m
4°C / 19°C
0% / 20%
12 h
3900 m
4°C / 20°C
0% / 20%
11 h
3800 m