The influence of high pressure will become weaker and the layers of air masses more instable. On Sunday, however, sunny conditions are still forecast and increasingly muggy conditions are expected in the daytime. However, in these air masses scattered, partly thicker cumuli clouds will arise from the afternoon on and turn into thundery clouds here and there from the late afternoon on and towards evening. Starting next week, slightly decreasing temperatures will result in somewhat more changeable conditions with a mix of sunshine and clouds, some rain showers and thunderstorms are expected particularly on Monday night. Around midweek, the weather will become more stable and longer sunny spells are expected again.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
12°C / 26°C
0% / 20%
10 h
4500 m
13°C / 23°C
0% / 50%
8 h
4200 m
10°C / 19°C
30% / 80%
6 h
3900 m
8°C / 18°C
50% / 50%
5 h
3700 m
9°C / 23°C
10% / 40%
9 h
4000 m