The current weather situation will mostly continue on on Sunday. This means, that summerly warm, but also slightly changeable weather is expected. Longer sunny spells are forecast for the morning, whereby rain showers and thunderstorms may fall in the afternoon. Starting next week, very humid and unstably layered air masses are expected. Thicker clouds, showers and thunderstorms may occur all day long. Dispersed clouds will be rare and the temperatures will slightly decrease. On Tuesday somewhat more stable air masses will infiltrate. How much this will decrease the risk for showers and thunderstorms, is still uncertain. It seems possible, that the weather will still remain erratic.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
11°C / 23°C
20% / 80%
5 h
4000 m
12°C / 22°C
90% / 80%
1 h
4100 m
14°C / 20°C
50% / 40%
3 h
4000 m
12°C / 21°C
60% / 90%
2 h
4100 m
12°C / 21°C
70% / 50%
3 h
4200 m