Transitions between a low-pressure area, located over South-West Europe, bringing mild air masses to the Alps, and a high-pressure area, located over Russia, will continue to block a change in weather over our regions, consequently the current weather conditions will continue on. Besides that, high patches of large clouds will continue to determine the weather, though sunny spells are temporarily expected too. Next week will bring a change in weather. The low-pressure area, located over the Mediterranean regions, will move towards the Alps and bring humid air masses and significantly colder air masses from North-East Europe. This will mark the first period of early-wintry cold weather conditions.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
2°C / 9°C
0% / 0%
2 h
2700 m
3°C / 10°C
0% / 0%
5 h
3000 m
1°C / 7°C
0% / 0%
4 h
2900 m
0°C / 3°C
0% / 30%
0 h
2000 m
-4°C / -3°C
50% / 50%
0 h
1000 m