The extensions of a high-pressure area will spread across the Alps and result in significantly improved conditions. On Tuesday, the sunny spells will become longer, consequently an autumnal fresh morning will be followed by rather sunny and pleasant weather conditions in the afternoon. The sun will shine and the temperatures will stay quite the same on Wednesday too. The temperatures will be rather low particularly in the morning, consequently truly autumnal conditions are forecast. Until Thursday, a further bad weather front will approach and the risk for showers will slightly increase. Very sunny conditions are forecast for the weekend, the temperatures will be pleasantly mild.
Rainfall am/pm
Hours of sunshine
Zero degree level
4°C / 8°C
50% / 70%
3 h
2400 m
0°C / 13°C
10% / 10%
8 h
3100 m
2°C / 15°C
10% / 30%
6 h
3200 m
4°C / 12°C
50% / 40%
4 h
2500 m
4°C / 13°C
20% / 10%
8 h
3600 m