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From the source to the falls


Long-Distance HikingFollowing the route of the river

The Lechweg hiking trail passes through one of the last wild river landscapes in Europe. For about 125 kilometres, hikers follow the Lech from its source near Lake Formarin to the Lech falls in Füssen in the Allgäu region of Germany.

Immersed in natureHiking the Lechweg

The Lechweg passes one of the largest ibex populations in Europe, a waterfall which, like magic, dries up and re-appears every year, goes over the longest suspension footbridge in Austria and ends up among the Bavarian royal castles. The trail connects three regions and two countries, each with their own traditions and stories. From the Arlberg region to the Tyrolean nature park region Lechtal-Reutte and beyond to southern Allgäu: all three regions have been shaped by the Lech over the centuries. From the Romans and their Alpine crossings, to the children of Swabia and the raftsmen - the Lech has played an important role in every story.

Leading Quality TrailCertified long-distance hiking trail

The outstanding status and significance of the Lechweg is highlighted by its award as a leading quality trail. Approved by the European Hiking Association, the Lechweg is a model for long-distance hiking trails that cross national borders throughout Europe. 

3 OptionsUnhurried | Classic | Athletic

Three different options are available for walking the Lechweg. The route does not change, but the mileage covered each day does.

  • Unhurried option | 8 stages
  • Classic option | 7 stages
  • Athletic option | 6 stages

The challenge of walking the Lechweg is possible for everyone. More information about the individual stages is available on the interactive map.

Starting Point near lake FormarinseeInto the Zuger Tal

With normal thaw the Lechweg is completely walkable starting from the middle of June.*
To get to the starting point of the trail you can book a cab. In summer season you can take the local busses to the Zuger Tal.

Taxi Companies:

Lech Taxi: +43 650 440 07 52
Prices: up to 4 people 40,-€
5 to 8 people 56,-€.
Toll per trip € 15,--.

Der Lecher: +43 5583 2501
Up to 4 people: € 41,70
From 5 people up: € 8,40 per person
Toll per trip € 15,-€

*For any questions: info@lech-zuers.at

BookletHistory and Route

The Feeling of hiking a long-distance trailDay Walks on the Lechweg

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Lechweg 1st StageFormarinsee - Lech

Hike from Lake Formarin to Lech. The hiking bus takes hikers from the post office in Lech to the bus stop at Lake Formarin. The Lechweg starts there, at an altitude of 1,793 metres. This stage is on an easy mountain path, and it takes about five hours to cover the 14 km route.


Lechweg 2nd StageFrom Lech to Warth

The 2nd stage takes hikers from Stubenbach to Warth/Gehren/Lechleiten. Starting from the eastern end of Stubenbach, the Lech winds through a fascinating landscape of ravines, which is not always visible from the trail. This stage is on a medium-difficult mountain path, and it takes about four hours to cover the 14 km route.


Lechweg 1st Stage Against the current

Our tip: hike the 1st stage against the current. Start directly from the hiking village of Lech and hike past the Zug part of the village until you reach the Älpele. Then comes the most beautiful section, featuring wooden walkways and bridges, and hikers stay close to the river as it leads to where the Formarinbach and Spullerbach streams meet. And then comes Lake Formarin, the most beautiful place in Austria. 

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