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Wildtierfütterung / Wildbeobachtung

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Lech Zürs Information

Lech Zürs Information

+43 (0)5583 2161-0


Flight Connection Arlberg

Flight Connection Arlberg


sport.park. lech

sport.park. lech

+43 (0)5583 418 50


Game watching / Game feeding


Wild animals, particularly the native red deer, are shy forest dwellers and you don’t very often catch sight of them in the wild.

However, during the hard winter months when food becomes scarce, deer venture very close to populated areas and almost forget they are afraid of people. This means you can watch majestic deer feeding at dusk at close range. Experience this unusual natural spectacle from the shelter of a hide. Every Tuesday & Thursday during the winter season we offer guided hikes to watch the wildlife. Further information and reservations at Lech Zürs Information.

Tandem paragliding in winter

Leave the earth behind and feel liberated as soon as you take off, with no constraints and no engine noise, floating feely, only joined to the wing by a couple of cords, feeling the strength of the air currents amid our beautiful countryside. Forget everyday life and enjoy being totally on your own. This feeling is never stronger than when you are flying and you can experience it here by trying tandem paragliding. As well as sensational paragliding flights, we also offer spectacular thermal flights and fascinating panoramic flights.  Also suitable for groups. See you in the sky!

Starting point: Kriegerhorn
Landing: next to the Flühenlift ski lift
Total duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (flying time: approx.15 minutes)
Maximum flying height: 2,100 – 2,300 metres
Cost: on application

Information & Booking: Flight Connection Arlberg


sport.park.lech ball sports bouldering & climbing

Scamper up the climbing wall like a spider, grabbing bright hand- and footholds. Hang on, plot your course, push upwards and reach the top or push sidewards and reach the other end! Balance on the line. You will be amazed by the heights you reach as your strength, balance and skill improve. More information at +43 (0)5583 41850 or

Luis, our licensed mountain guide, offers climbing lessons for kids starting at age 7 in the sport.park.lech – on Tuesday and Friday 4 – 5 pm (please register per phone). No experience necessary. Aim of the climbing lesson: To have lots of fun learninghow to climb, learning about knots and the associated safety techniques.

Min. 2 kids – duration 2 hours / Price: € 55,00 per child incl. entry | 1 kid – duration 1 hour / Price: € 49,00 incl. entry

Please bring running shoes or light trekking boots. Registration at Luis Lankmayer Ph.: +43 (0)664 3443733


You will find the library in the Servicecenter Lech (former post office).

Opening hours:
Monday 3 pm - 5 pm | Wednesday 10 am - 12 noon & 3 pm - 5 pm | Friday 3 pm - 5 pm
Closed on national holiday

For further information please call +43 (0)5583 2213-241

Lechmuseum Huber-Hus


The Huber-Hus Museum is on the Schlosskopfplatz. The traditional wooden Walserhaus built in 1590 invites you to find out about the life and work of farmers. This years special exhibition is devoted to the "Dying Hour"

Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday from 3 pm to 6 pm
First opening day is December 4, 2016
For further information please call: +43 (0)5583 2213-240

Lechmuseum Tannberg


The historic Walser Museum is located in the fire station on the road to Stubenbach. The collection displays objects from dairy farming, alpine skiing, ecclesiastical folklore, artisanry, animal husbandry, home décor, and textile production.

Opening times
Wednesday from 3 pm to 6 pm.
Entry is free / donations welcome. Special guided tours on application.
Walsermuseum Lech-Tannberg | Obfrau Veronika Walch
Tel.: +43 (0) 664 24 23 580 |


You will find Lech’s Kästle Mountain Museum in the top station of the Rüfikopf II cable car. Marvel at historic artwork, ski designs from bygone times and many other items on display from the history of the successful Austrian ski brand. Open during the Rüfibahn operating hours.