The Boogie Boys - Four indefatigable young men shake a leg

Fri, 06.04.2018, 02:00pm
Location: Rud Alpe Lech
Tannberg 185
6764 Lech

Boogie Boys play powerful, well-crafted boogie and blues, and regularly ignites real musical fireworks. The secret ingredient of this quartet from Poland is their interesting and very unusual line-up. With two pianos, bass, drums and lots of singing, Boogie Boys transport its audience to the time when the restless tempo of the age of steam and crazy rhythms were a real part of the American world. A skilful combination of technical brilliance, passion and charisma, and new sounds based on old Polish tunes are the band's recipe for success and get everyone up out of their seats.

The Boogie Boys - The Blues is alright