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Once again, the entire village will transform into a stage! Everywhere, from the mountains down into the valley, you’ll hear unmistakable melodies, groovy beats and captivating songs. A lively mix of Swing, Big Band, Electro Swing, Pop, Funk, Soul and more besides will fill the fresh mountain air with fresh sounds. The breathtaking scenery of Lech Zürs serves as the backdrop of the Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival. Incredible shows with outstanding artists will be staged on sun terraces, in ski huts and hotel bars. The wonderful atmosphere is sure to be enjoyed by musicians and spectators alike! During this unique music festival – whose fame goes beyond the mountains – top international musicians come to meet music lovers, dance enthusiasts and sun skiers. They all swing together to cheerily celebrate the upcoming spring … #welovetanzcafé.

Save the DateApril 1st 2019 - April 18th 2019

Also in spring 2019 we are looking forward to the numerous bands that will provide the atmosphere for spring skiing during the Tanzcafé Arlberg.

Get up and danceMusic Festival Tanzcafé Arlberg

When swing melodies resound from the ski resort and singers in 1930s outfits or musicians in rockabilly gear perform against a heavenly mountain backdrop. When crisp electro beats get the whole village moving and old-school jazz bands turn the hotel bars into dance halls. That's when festival fever has erupted again in Lech-Zürs, and now, for the first time, in Stuben too. Because in the first two weeks of April each year it's "old-time dancing to modern music". The musical spectrum of the vintage music festival ranges from swing and jazz to rock 'n' roll and boogie woogie, as well as electro-swing and pop. And all of them are performed to the highest musical standards by live bands from the international music scene. 

Tanzcafé Arlberg 2019Highlights

Josh. (A)
Mo 1.4. 14.00 Uhr, Hotel Sonnenburg, Oberlech 

Kana (USA)
Mo 1.4. 21.30 Uhr, Die Krone von Lech, Lech 

Avalon Jazz Band (USA)
Tu 2.4. 21.00 Uhr, Der Berghof, Lech 
We 3.4. 18.00 Uhr Hotel Kristiania, Lech 

Richie Loidl & Friends (A)
Thu 4.4. 14.00 & 21.00 Uhr, Hotel Edelweiss, Zürs 

Zweikanalton (A) 
Thu 4.4. 21.30 Uhr, Hotel Rote Wand, Zug

U.B. Dolls (I) 
Fr 5.4. 14.00 Uhr, Rud-Alpe 
Sa 6.4. 14.00 Uhr, Postgarage, Lech 
Su 7.4. 13.00 Uhr Street Food Festival, Zürs

Pasadena Roof Orchestra (UK) 
Sa 6.4. 21.00 Uhr, Hotel Post, Lech

DelaDap (A)
Su 7.4. 16.00 Uhr Hotel Tannbergerhof, Lech 
Mo 8.4. 14.00 Uhr Hotel Sonnenburg, Oberlech 

Loren Nine (NL) 
Mo 8.4. 21.00 Uhr, Hotel Sandhof, Lech 
Tu 9.4. 21.30 Uhr Hotel Rote Wand, Zug 

The Speakeasies’ Swing Band (GR) 
Tu 9.4. 14.00 Uhr, Hotel Goldener Berg, Oberlech 
We 10.4. 21.30 Uhr Hotel Die Krone von Lech, Lech

Gerd Schuller Trio feat. Rachelle Jeanty (A/CAN)
Fr 12.4. 14.00 Uhr Burg Hotel, Oberlech 

My Secret Playground (D)
Fr 12.4. 22.00 Uhr Cottage Pub, Lech 
Sa 13.4. 14.00 Uhr Balmalp, Lech

Ola Egbowon & The Soulmonks (NG/A)
Sa 13.4. 22.30 Uhr Scotch Club, Lech

Rumba de Bodas (I)
So 14.4. 14.00 Uhr Brändle Terrasse, Zürs 
Mo 15.4. 22.30 Uhr  Scotch Club, Lech 

Milow (BE)
Su 14.4. 16.30 Uhr, Die Krone von Lech, Lech 

Movebreakers (CZ)
We 17.4. 22.00 Uhr Cottage Pub, Lech 
Thu 18.4. 14.00 Uhr Schlegelkopf Restaurant-Bar

Tanzcafé Arlberg Music FestivalFolder 2019

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    All concerts are free of charge!


    This year new Swing & Snow: Swing dance classes with international trainers.

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