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One of the steepest ski routes in the world... on foot!

"Rüfi 900" is the Uphill Challenge in Lech Zürs. The steepest ski route - the legendary Lange Zug - has to be conquered uphill. It is up to you how the given route is conquered. The equipment is freely selectable, but no motorized assistance is allowed.

This makes the "Rüfi 900" a special competition for everyone. Ski tourers, mountain runners, hikers or even cross-country skiers can prove themselves and master the climb up to the top station of the Rüfikopfbahn.

Be there and face the challenge on 07.04.2018 in Lech Zürs.

Schlosskopf to Rüfikopf960 meters of altitude

Start by mass start in Lech at the Schlosskopf at 1.444m, then continue via Stubenbach to Wöstertäli. In order to reach the Rüfikopf at 2.350m, you have to climb a section (300m) with an average inclination of 78%. From the start to the finish 960 meters of altitude difference must be mastered. The best equipment paired with the best physical condition wins!

When? Where to? With what?Participant Information

Date: Saturday, 07 April 2018

Start time: 9.00 am at Schlosskopfplatz Lech

Lech - Wöstertäli - Langer Zug - Schafalpe - Rüfikopf mountain top

Start: 1,444 m

Finish line: 2.350 m

Difference in altitude: 960 metres

Length of the route: 5,5 km

Max. /min. inclination: 80 % / 2 % inclination

The equipment is freely selectable (e. g.: touring skis, running shoes with spikes, cross-country skis, snowshoes) The chosen equipment must be taken from the start to the finish! Helmet is compulsory for all participants! Climbing aids are mandatory and are to be checked at the start (e. g.: crampons, snowlline, spikes and poles or similar)! No motorization and no material depots are allowed on the track! All participants are obliged to wear long trousers as well as long-sleeved clothing!

Where are we going?Route & Altitude Profile

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How much? When? Where?Registration Information

Entry fee:
From 30.09.17 to 31.12.17: 39 €
From 01.01.18 to 06.04.17: 49 €
On race day: 64 €

Attention: The starting numbers have to be picked up PERSONALLY at the starting area at the lock head place between 8.00 and 8.30 am. The entry fee will be withheld in case of non-pickup!

Ladies & Gentleman?Class Division

  • Women's individual ranking RÜFI QUEEN
  • Men's individual ranking RÜFI KING
  • Hillclimb Rating Women
  • Hillclimb Rating Men

Minimum age of 18 years!

The race briefing takes place at the Schlosskopf 10 minutes before the start - i. e. at approx. 8.50 am.

Services includedFood | Drinks | Celebrate

Starter package incl. free descent with the Rüfikopf cable car for all participants (store for ski pass is EUR 5, -)

Food service station:
Start Hillclimb / Destination Hillclimb
Athletes' Catering:
After the race at the Postgarage Lech - the food and drink vouchers are in the starter package
Finisher's present:
For all finishers there is a practical and very high quality gift
Shower facilities are available at sport. park. lech

PRICE DISTRIBUTION: approx. 2.30 pm in or in front of the Postgarage Lech (depending on the weather) - MUSIC and "GRILLAGE" is provided!

PS: Everyone has the chance to win a prize - additional attractive prizes will be raffled off among all participants!

For all spectatorsSpectator Information

In the finish area, the Rüfikopf Panorama Restaurant is open to all accompanying and active guests (large sun terrace, tiled stove, home cooking and Austrian specialities).

The majority of the race can be watched from the viewing platform at the top of the Rüfikopf.

And on the track? The Wöstertäli can be easily reached on foot via Stubenbach (local bus line 1) and offers a good view of the most spectacular part of the route: the long train.

PartyTime to celebrate

In our case, this means that one of the most gaudy parties in Lech - the Rüfi 900 party in the Postgarage Lech - will take place after the sporting performance. After the award ceremony there will be live music and from 7 p.m.  DJ Fritz (Bobos' Haus- und Hof-DJ) and his tunes will heat us up until late into the night. The SCA team and its volunteers will spoil you with specially prepared drinks. The participants of the Kästle Dirndl Skiing Day will also create a cheerful atmosphere in their traditional costumes.

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960 Höhenmeter und 6 km Strecke - Willkommen beim "Rüfi900" Mach mit bei der Uphill Challenge!

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