Culinary summit at the 3rd Arlberg Weinberg trade fair

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At the beginning of December, Lech Zürs am Arlberg will become the international meeting place for winemakers, wine lovers and top chefs

Lech Zürs is known as a "world gourmet village" and has a very high concentration of Gault Millau toque restaurants in relation to its number of inhabitants. It has been regarded for decades as an international hub for those who enjoy the better things in life and this was the reason why Arlberg Weinberg was launched in 2015. The trade fair brings together domestic and international winemakers, as well as top local gastronomy, and provides a platform for top regional producers from Vorarlberg to present their wares. One of the highlights is the two-day wine fair, which will take place in the Fux Restaurant+Bar+Kultur for the first time this year

Horst Grilc is the organisational mastermind behind Arlberg Weinberg and, as an independent trade representative for specialist wine company Morandell, he is active mainly in Lech, Zürs and Stuben.  Together with tourism director Hermann Fercher and hotelier Martin Prodinger, in 2014 he had the original idea to enliven the pre-season in the form of a wine fair with a culinary supporting programme. "Lech Zürs was named the "world gourmet village" for good reason. The top-class gastronomy here is more than deserving of this reputation. I also feel this when I am on the road at international wine fairs. When talking with winemakers, one is always measured based on whether or not one is represented as a vendor at Arlberg, where it is known that the great and expensive wines are greatly appreciated," said wine expert Grilc, describing the international standing of Lech Zürs in the culinary and wine segments.

Enjoying wine in the company of experts

At the Arlberg Weinberg trade fair, which will be held from Thursday 7 to Friday 8 December, between 1 pm and 6.30 pm each day at the Fux Restaurant+Bar+Kultur, you can taste the finest wines in the company of experts. This is because many of the wine-growing families will also be there in person due to the excellent reputation of Lech Zürs in the world of wine. This means that industry experts from the hotel and catering industry, as well as guests, will have the opportunity to try top wines from all over the world in the presence of their "creators". These include prize-winning varieties from 55 winemakers from seven countries, which will be available to taste and enjoy. Big names such as the Polz, Sabathi, Pichler-Krutzler, Krug and Kollwentz wineries from Austria will be there. The arrivals from Italy include Braida, Antinori, Biserno and Petrolo, from Germany there are Lageder, Aldinger, Heger and Van Volxem, and winemakers from Spain, Switzerland and the new world will also be in attendance.

Kitchens of renowned top hotels and Gault Millau restaurants from Lech Zürs will provide the appropriate culinary support, by presenting their specialities as finger food creations.  The basic principle is to provide international cuisine with a strong regional focus.

Top-class side events and evening events

In addition to the fair, an attractive supporting programme featuring numerous opportunities for personal discussions is provided jointly with Lech venue hosts. Visitors have the opportunity to choose which of the two to three side events available each evening they would like to visit, based on their inclination, mood and budget.

The fair is designed to appeal to interested regular guests in Lech, with whole packages including admission to the various exhibition days available for booking at It also aims to provide the hotel and catering industry with an interesting platform for inspiration and discussion. The participating hosts mainly come from Vorarlberg, Salzburg, Tyrol, Southern Bavaria and Switzerland.

The Arlberg Weinberg gourmet fair reinforces the commitment of Lech Zürs to provide the highest quality and expertise regarding enjoyment and wine culture, with international access.

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