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Markus Hahn

Markus Hahn

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Thu, 05.07.2018 - Sun, 08.07.2018

In its fifth year, Medicinicum Lech is devoted to pleasure - and its opposite, addiction - as the key to physical and mental health, as well as the fundamental aspect of the "art of aging", savoir-vivre and happiness of life.

To enjoy means to feel consciously and sensually with the senses. It leads to well-being and health, prolongs and enriches life. The right way to enjoy is an art that has its own characteristics in the different cultures, religions and regions: from food, wine and body culture, from asceticism to great pleasure. Healthy enjoyment also protects against the opposite - addiction. Leading to excess, it is a disease that affects and shortens life. The physical addiction is accompanied by mental addiction, whereby the latter also affects addictions independent of dance (internet, shopping, sex addiction, etc.). The Medicinicum Lech 2018, with its wide range of tensions between health-promoting enjoyment and pathogenic addiction, focuses on a subject that is fundamental to our quality of life. Well-established interdisciplinary methods are used by renowned physicians, doctors and alternative practitioners as well as psychologists, psychiatrists and philosophers. For varied and exciting lectures followed by a discussion with the audience is guaranteed.

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In the fourth year the Medicinicum Lech was engaged in the major medical schools: Indian, Chinese and Western (Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western orthodox medicine).