Legislating Architecture | Architecting after Politics

Fri, 14.12.2018 - Sat, 06.04.2019
Location: allmeinde commongrounds
Tannberg 394

allmeinde commongrounds, Lech

Legislating Architecture

Architecting after Politics (*****S)

A movie by Brandluber+ and Christoper Roth

14.12.2018 – 06.04.2019

Do. – So. 15.00 – 18.00

"Legislating Architecture" describes a model of thought and action that deals with the rules and conditions of the emergence of architecture. Architecture is understood as a built environment and as the interaction of technical, administrative, political and social factors. "Architecting after Politics" is the third film in a series that has been produced since 2016 as a cooperation between Brandlhuber+ and director Christopher Roth. The latest film continues what the films "Legislating Architecture" and "The Property Drama" began and poses a crucial question of our time: Who builds the world? In collaboration with the online TV channel station+ (DARCH, ETHZ), a cinematic essay has been created that brings together answers to this question in dialogue. The film is based on a holistic way of thinking for our world that brings local phenomena into a global context.

Legislating Architecture | Architecting after Politics
Designed as a travelling exhibition "Legislating Architecture | Architecting
after Politics (*****S)" in cooperation with European architectural institutes
to make the topic accessible to a wider public and to make it available to the
Moving action.