Getting Married in Lech Zürs

What could be a more beautiful place to get married than this?

Around 40 wedding ceremonies are held each year in Lech Zürs. "Many couples are guests in Lech who love Lech or who even met here," says Stefan Jochum, who has been the official registrar for the community for more than 25 years. Stefan Jochum is especially proud of the fact that his divorce rate is 0.8% instead of the usual 40%. What is the reason for this? "The couples who marry in Lech are usually somewhat older and have carefully considered the step."

Once the paperwork has been completed, there are many different options available. Almost anything is possible in Lech Zürs. Stefan Jochum is also happy to put on his hiking boots if needed: "The wedding room in Lech Zürs is not very big, so we also offer outdoor weddings." This is subject to certain conditions: the place of the marriage must be in the district of Lech, and the couple must be very committed.

The perfect place for your celebration
Stefan Jochum is making dreams come true