The Legend of the Arlberg

The White Ring - The Ski Track

Ski in the tracks of legends: Der Weisse Ring ("The White Ring") Ski Circuit! Like the ski pioneers of Arlberg, you’ll master the very same ridges and slopes as the ski pioneers of the Arlberg! Way back then they had wooden skis, but you’re welcome to use carbon and titanium today!

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The Legend of the Arlberg

The most popular Ski track in Lech Zürs

For over 50 years, the White Ring has stood for the successful combination of nature and technology - for the connection of Lech with Zürs, Zug and Oberlech.

The White Ring attracts winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world to prove themselves in Lech Zürs. The challenge for winter sports enthusiasts is the 22 kilometres of track and 5,500 metres of altitude difference. Two viewing platforms await you along the route: the viewing platform at Rüfikopf and the nature platform at Madloch. Here, “more time, more space” is taken literally; the view of the Alps from the Arlberg is unparalleled. Take your time, suck in the panorama and the mountain air before continuing on the White Ring.

The White Ring - The legendary Ski Round of SkiArlberg

Immerse yourself in the legend

The White Ring

The Ski track

These pistes and lifts form the White Ring, the legendary ski track of the Arlberg. When do you dare to take this historic route?

The White Ringe - Mobile Tracking

The Ski Arlberg App

The White Ring – the legendary ski track can be traced with the Ski Arlberg App and you can look forward to unique prizes. In addition, the app brings all information from the ski area directly to the smartphone – free of charge at


Attention! If you track the White Ring via the app, you will automatically be entered into a competition. There are 2 Luis Trenker belts to win per week!

The History of the White Ring

The story of Sepp Bildstein, Austria's first drag lift and the most legendary ski track in the world.

BMW xDrive Photopoints

presented by: BMW

Simply go up to the various BMW xDrive features and document your winter fun at the installed photo points free of charge. At the Hinterwies lift in the race area or at the Babylift in Zürs you can adopt your personal racing position and obtain your unique radar photograph free-of-charge at the Weibermahd Speed Photo, and you can take your coolest portrait with the breathtaking Arlberg panorama in the background at the Kriegerhorn or the Trittalp top station – all photographs can simply be obtained online, free of charge.

Photopoint Lech Zürs

Your free souvenir picture

Free photos can be made at the Speed Photo, in the race area or at the photo points and can be downloaded free of charge from

Click here for your free souvenir picture >>


The White Ring signage along the ski circuit helps you to find your way around the ski area. You can obtain them conveniently in the pocket folder at all ticket counters.

Area Check - Every sunday 10:15 am to 3:00 pm

If you know the White Ring and keep your speed up you get to the finish in a few hours. For beginners we recommend the area check: every Sunday guides from the Lech ski school will lead you around the skiing area via easy routes. Special tips, useful information and a personal guide make your skiing day at the White Ring even more memorable.

Register: at Skischulbüro until max. 09:30 a.m.

Start: 10:15 Uhr at the ski school

Groupsize: min.  4 persons

Per Person: 55,- €


The White Ring - Technical Information

Name & Number Lift and Slope Length (in m) difference in altitude (in m)
1. Rüfikopf 1 + 2 2.131 890
2. Steinmännle (181) 1.634 366
3. Schüttbodenlift 590 155
4. Schüttboden-Zürs (185) 1.607 248
5. Trittalp 920 288
6. Hexenboden Direkte (125) 1.798 466
7a. Seekopf 1.548 514
7b. Zürsersee 1.587 491
8. Madloch 1.316 294
9. Madloch-Zug (170) 4.187 954
10. Zugerberg 1.460 615
11. Balmengrat 222 5
12. Kriegeralpe-Petersboden-Oberlech-Lech (200) 4.236 644
Over all 21.688 5.439

Further Information

Zieleinfahrt. Fotografin: Kirstin Tödtling

The legendary ski race on the Arlberg

The White Ring – The Race

Together with 19 other skiers in a throng at the starting line, the silence is deafening. It’s 22 kilometres to the finish line. The starting signal rings throug...

Skiing on the Arlberg

Der Weisse Ring ("The White Ring") - A must for skiers on their winter holiday in Lech Zürs am Arlberg featuring six slopes around the Omeshorn mountain linking Lech, Zürs, Zug and Oberlech.

The route that connects all waypoints is as follows: Take the gondola up to the Rüfikopf mountain to the start of the ski circuit at 2362 m. Just below the Rüfispitze peak, take the Schüttboden surface lift towards the Trittalpbahn cable car. Featuring a magnificent view of Zürs, the route, which is ideal for racing, all-mountain or slalom skis, leads over 500 m down into the valley then over the ski bridge to the opposite side of the valley. 

By the time you’re seated in the 4-seater Seekopf or Zürsersee chairlifts, which take you towards the Zürsersee lake, you’ll have already left the Trittkopf mountain behind and you’ll catch a first glimpse of the Omeshorn mountain as it comes into view. Halfway around the Zürsersee lake, a 2-seater chairlift will whisk you up the Madloch-Joch ridge. As you admire the challenging slopes of the Madloch-Joch, you might wonder how in the world the ski pioneers of Arlberg ever learned to ski with ungroomed, steep slopes and powder snow as far as the eye can see. After skiing the Madloch route, you will have arrived in the next valley depression. The small village of Zug is the starting point for the final chairlift of the White Ring. The Zug cable car company will transport you to the Balmengrat ridge, where the final section of the White Ring begins. This, the longest slope of the White Ring, leads 4,236 m down into the valley below. From the Kriegeralpe Alpine hut, you’ll arrive back in Lech via Petersboden and Oberlech, exhausted and most certainly full of pride.

It doesn’t matter if your hotel is in Zürs, Zug, Oberlech, St. Anton, Stuben, St. Christoph, Warth or Schröcken. The White Ring may be located in Lech Zürs, but it is part of Ski Arlberg, the largest connected ski area in Austria, which means that your ski pass is valid for the entire ski circuit (Warth, Schröcken, St. Christoph, St. Anton or Stuben). The ability to ski the White Ring without having to take the bus to Lech is just another of the many advantages of the Ski Arlberg ski association. Within the ski area, you can arrive at the starting point at the Rüfikopf mountain on skis. Similarly, instead of being isolated, the finish line in Lech is connected to the slope network as part of the ski resort. Best of all, after conquering the White Ring, all the slopes, 305 kilometres of spectacular downhill skiing, are still at your disposal. Because the Arlberg is one of the Alps most snow-secure regions, skiing back to your hotel in Lech Zürs is possible even in the low season. Once back at your accommodation, take a moment for some well deserved rest. Should you be incapable of waiting that long, stop in to one of the many inviting ski huts along the slopes for refreshments.  


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