Kunstprojekt Türe Christian Piffrader Lech Zürs am Arlberg (c) Daniel Kocher

© Kunstprojekt Türe Christian Piffrader Lech Zürs am Arlberg (c) Daniel Kocher

Art along the Green Ring

"Doors" on the Green Ring

Art in an alpine context

9 artists from 5 different nations have each designed a door and placed it directly on the Grüner Ring hiking route at an altitude of over 2000 metres above sea level. The hike can be divided into 3 daily stages. The interplay of mountain and art creates a harmonious context. In winter, the doors are brought from the mountain to the valley and exhibited at the respective door sponsors.

It is a good idea to consciously open the doors to a portion of the sun again and again...

Bergsommer in Lech Zürs am Arlberg (c) West Zangerl
Tania Konnerth

The art project “Türe” am Grünen Ring is an alpine 3-day hiking route from Lech via Rüfikopf to Zürs, from Zürs via Zürsersee and Madlochjoch to Zug and from Zug via Balmalp and Oberlech back to Lech.

Along the Green Ring Route, 9 artists have created individual interactions with the object in nature. They dealt with the questions of what it means to open or close doors. What does it mean to walk through a door? Which room reveals itself behind a door? What symbolic value does a door have today?

The results, the “doors”, are unique and individual interpretations of each artist with a theme that inspires every visitor to think. Their locations stretch along the Green Ring.

Hikers will be fascinated by the sight of the “doors” when they come across a “door” on the trail. For it is only in the alpine region and in the breathtaking landscape that the art objects unfold their true power.

"Doors" - Art along the Green Ring

Hrachya Vardanyan Projekt Türe am Arlberg (c) Daniel Kocher

A interview with the founder of the project, Daniel Nikolaus Kocher

How did this idea come to you, and what does it involve from a conceptual point of view?

I’ve been working with this theme for several years now, and I installed my first door on the Green Ring back in 2014. It is, so to speak, the entry portal to the Green Puzzle Ring for children. When I saw the door torn out of its conventional context and placed in the landscape, I sensed that this door still had a great deal of potential within it. But I actually first noted down this idea back in 2006. There is a garden gate in front of my brother’s house. It has been there from when the house was built to the present day, and is secured with a small lock on the property boundary, even though it has no fence on either side. For almost ten years now, the postman, neighbours, family and even dogs have gone round the gate on either the left or right, depending on which side they happen to be coming from. I’ve always found it both fascinating and funny. The garden gate has been completely deprived of its function and has inspired me again and again to jot down my thoughts.

Daniel+Nikolaus+Kocher-Skizzen- (c) Lech-Zuers-Tourismus

In what form does the potential that you talk about express itself?
The door is already interesting to me purely as an object, and as a component in its function. By virtue of its limiting character, it is a very good instrument for polarising themes, and you can associate it with almost every emotional situation.

By emotion, do you mean an open door, for example?
It’s just that a door can signal very many things. It can suggest comfort and protection as well as a welcome openness, but can equally represent an insurmountable obstacle. Of course, the space behind and in front of a door, by which its magical boundary is defined, is also interesting. Something happens when you go through a door, as you always leave one space and simultaneously enter a new one. Therefore, for me, it also has four sides, as you can enter and leave both spaces from each side, and this entering and leaving always takes place in fractions of a second. So it’s more a transcendent twitch than a conscious moment.

Daniel Nikolaus+Kocher+(c)+Lech-Zuers-Tourismus

What was the idea behind the nine artists?

That’s what I liked most about this project. The artists and designers from different countries and cultural circles were working with this theme in their studios. It was entirely up to them what they did with the initial product (a white door). Many new facets and concepts were generated, including ways of interacting with the doors on location.

Bewegende Momente Aufbau der Türen (c)Lech-Zuers-Tourismus

Details about "Doors" along the Green Ring - open the door

Hike along the Green Ring

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