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Snow and Safety Camps

Snow & Safety Camps 2020

In the course of the Snow & Safety Conference, which takes place this year from 13.12. to 14.12.2019 in Lech, three different Snow & Safety Camps will be added.

These take place in the course of the winter once in February, in March and in April, in each case with a professional from the Freeride scene. Nadine Wallner, Stefan Häusl and Björn Heregger will introduce you to skiing techniques, risk management, adapted off-road behaviour and freeride tactics. Deepen your freeride knowledge and take part in one or more of our Snow & Safety Camps. We are looking forward to your visit!

Snow and Safety Camp by Nadine Wallner 07.02. - 09.02.2020

Freeriding – the freedom to just let it go. Two-time freeride world champion Nadine Wallner chases small and big lines with challenging jumps. Nadine takes you to her home mountains on the Arlberg, her very own playground, as she tells us. In addition to ski technique, such as jumping a cliff or checking out a line, she will also teach you about risk management, avalanches and adapted behaviour in the terrain.

Nadine Wallner

Nadine was the youngest rookie to win the Freeride World Tour 2013&2014 twice with `back to back’. In addition to film projects, where she is allowed to realize her own personal departures and projects all over the world, she is currently proving herself in her training as a mountain guide. Nadine is a man of the mountains in every respect. And when it comes to skiing, she knows almost all facets and styles.

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Nadine Wallner enjoying fresh powder at her backyard Arlberg, Austria, while filming her movie project with ServusTV. Copyright Andreas Vigl.

Snow and Safety Camp by Björn Heregger 06.03. - 08.03.2020

FREE(ride)Touring with Björn Heregger

Everybody is talking about Freeride Touring. The former Freeride World Tour rider Björn Heregger has been swearing by a set-up for years. Björn takes you on tour. In addition to Tech-Talk, you will also learn about avalanches, adapted behaviour in the terrain and freeride tactics for ascent and descent at this camp, in order to experience the whole range of the Arlberg in three days. From freeride lines without ascent to more remote spots, which are worked out with a few sweat beads on the forehead.

Björn Heregger

Alpine racing, Freeride World Tour and finally back to the most traditional form of skiing. Björn has learned most facets of alpine skiing and in his time as a freeride professional he was also able to get to know other ski cultures. However, he always came back to the Arlberg and since then has been on the move as a ski and mountain guide with like-minded people on and off the beaten track.

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Björn Heregger Snow & Safety Camp

Snow and Safety Camp by Stefan Häusl 03.04. - 05.04.2020

In this camp I would like to pass on my experiences from my freeride life to the participants. Tips on how to ride lines, how to estimate the snow and how to ski playfully are just some of the topics of this camp. All this combined with great descents and smart risk management. I am very much looking forward to this camp and these special days with you.
So long, Stefan

About Stefan Häusl

Stefan ist 9 Jahre in der Freeride World Tour gefahren und hat dort einige Podiums und Siege gefeiert. Ausserdem kann man in vielen erfolgreichen Skifilmen sein Können bewundern.
Er ist staatl. geprüfter Skilehrer, Skiführer und Trainer. Stefan trainiert ein Freeride Nachwuchs Team und folgt weiter seiner Leidenschaft des Freeridens.

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