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The Uphill Challenge in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

Rüfi 900 - 10.04.2021

Rüfi 900 is the Uphill Challenge in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. The legendary ski route - Den Langen Zug - has to be overcome. This very special race is perfect for amateur athletes and professionals who want to face the challenge of the Long Zug.

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Dear Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We regret to inform you that we have to cancel this year’s event Rüfi 900. Due to the current situation and rapidly developing circumstances concerning the Coronavirus disease, we are unable to guarantee that the event can be held safely.

We see it as our social responsibility to do our best to help contain the risk of infection and thus protect our local communities, our employees and our guests.

The Rüfi 900 will take place in 2021 on April 10th. Until that time, we are counting on your loyalty and your patience. Healthy and full of energy, we look forward to meeting again next year in Lech Zürs am Arlberg!

Thank you for your understanding. Here’s hoping that the situation improves soon.

Your team of Lech Zürs Tourism



“Rüfi 900” is the Uphill Challenge in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. The steepest ski route – the legendary Long Train – has to be conquered uphill. It’s up to you how you want to conquer the given route. The equipment is freely selectable, but motorized help is not permitted.

This makes the “Rüfi 900” a special competition for everyone. Ski tourers, mountain runners, hikers or even cross-country skiers can prove themselves and master the ascent up to the mountain station of the Rüfikopf cable car.

The participation in Rüfi 900 2018 was one of the big highlights in the winter season at the Arlberg. It is a truly breathtaking challenge to master the Long Train on foot uphill. I'm sure I'll be there again next year for this spectacle.

Skitour Kaltenberg. Fotograf: Hannes Heigenhauser
Hannes Heigenhauser Third Place 2018

Rüfi 900 in numbers

Facts & Details

Rüfi 900 - route information

Route information

Rüfi 900 has 960 metres of altitude to overcome. The race starts at the parking lot of the Schlosskopf lift and leads over the Long Train to the viewing platform at the top station of the Rüfikopf lift. To reach the goal of reaching Rüfikopf at 2,350m, you must, among other things, overcome a section (300m) with an average gradient of 78%. From start to finish, you have to master 960 meters of altitude difference. The best equipment paired with the best condition wins!


Rüfi 900 - route guidance

Route guidance & equipment

Route guidance:
Lech – Wöstertäli – Langer Zug – Schafalpe – Rüfikopf Berg

Start: 1.444 m
Ziel: 2.350 m
Difference in altitude: 960 m altitude difference

Length of route: 5.5 km

Max./Min. Incline/Incline: 80 % / 2 %

The equipment is freely selectable (permitted are e.g: Touring skis, running shoes with spikes, cross-country skis, snowshoes) The chosen equipment must be taken to the finish from the start! All participants must wear a helmet! Climbing aids are mandatory and will be checked at the start (e.g. crampons, snowline, spikes and poles or similar)! No motorization and no material depots are allowed on the course! All participants are obliged to wear long trousers as well as long-sleeved clothing!


Class division

Class division

  • Women Individual Ranking RÜFI QUEEN
  • Men Individual Ranking RÜFI KING
  • Hillclimb Ladies Scoring
  • Hillclimb scoring men
  • Minimum participant age 18 years!

The race meeting / participant briefing takes place 10 minutes before the start – i.e. at approx. 8.50 a.m. – at the Schlosskopf parking lot.


Inkludierte Leistungen

Rüfi 900 – participant information

Starter package incl. free descent with the Rüfikopf cable car for all participants (deposit for ski pass EUR 5,-)

Refreshment station:
Refreshment station: Start Hillclimb / Destination Hillclimb
Athlete rations:
the food and drink vouchers are included in the starter package.
Finisher present:
For all finishers there is a practical and very high quality gift
Shower facilities are available at sport.park.lech

PS: Everyone has the chance to win a prize – attractive prizes will be raffled among all participants!



In the finish area the panorama restaurant Rüfikopf is at the disposal of all companions and activities (large sun terrace, tiled stove, home cooking and Austrian specialities).

Most of the race action can be followed from the viewing platform at Rüfikopf.

And on the track? The Wöstertäli can easily be reached on foot via Stubenbach (local bus line 1) and offers a good view of the most spectacular part of the route: the Langer Zug.

After the sporting performance, a grill & chill with musical accompaniment will take place in the afternoon at the Tanzcafe Arlberg in front of the Lech post garage. DJ Fritz heats us up again in the evening and we celebrate one of the most glamorous parties in Lech – the Rüfi 900 Party in the Postgarage Lech! 

Die Challenge


Die Challenge

Results 2019

The perfect preparation

Cross-country skiing in Lech Zürs am Arlberg

The cross-country ski trails in the Zugertal & Zürs are ideal to prepare for the race in April. As if on your skis!


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