Der blühende Sommer in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Fotografin: Germana Nagler

© Der blühende Sommer in Lech Zürs am Arlberg. Fotografin: Germana Nagler

27. July 2018 | Family Time

A summer in blossom

An evening full of happiness, satisfaction and gratitude

Germana Nagler Stellvertretende Direktorin & Leitung Marketing

While the farmers in the village were already busy mowing, I found a place in the heights where the meadows are in full bloom.

Since I wanted to fill the post box at the Chluppa (Trockensteinmauer) near the reservoir above the Kriegeralpe with postcards yesterday evening, I thought I would take the opportunity to make a hike: I wanted to have another look at the forest of legends, visit the doors at the Grüner Ring and just fill the post box with Cards.

Well yes, the forest of legends is intact: everything that was created 8 years ago at the sculpture symposium by 5 artists, is still there: the scribbles, the figures and the eyes – which amaze you as you walk by. The figures have adopted the natural colour of weathering and are no longer as striking as they were freshly carved. So it is all the more exciting to discover them!

Die mystischen Figuren im Sagenwald: Fotografin: Germana Nagler
Mystic figures along the hiking trail

After an hour of steep and exhausting ascent on a beautifully laid out trail through meadows, forests and Arlen, I have arrived at a point where a fantastic panorama opens up. Just above the avalanche barrier and below the Balmalp in the direction of Zug, the meadows are in full colour. Here it blooms as far as the eye can see! This place is magical. The mountain scenery all around gives the feeling of having arrived at the summit without having climbed to a summit (especially ideal for those who don’t suffer from vertigo). The door of Andreas Coop reminds me how free I may live, a feeling of infinite gratitude for this moment flows through my mind.

Die Türe unterhalb der Balmalp. Fotografin: Germana Nagler
Doors - Andreas Coop

Further up I am surprised by views that reinforce this feeling: the Zug Schafberg is so impressive, the Omeshorn is dipped in sunset, the “Steinmähdern” are already in the shade and remind us of beautiful descents in winter.

The setting sun still warms my back and legs while I try to capture the colorful variety with my camera. And then off to Trockensteinmauer, where I walk in the shade while the sun shines only just through the door of Daniela Egger

After the box is filled, I am hiking towards Lech. Already in Oberlech I hear how the Trachtenkapelle Lech is entertaining at the evening concert at the church square. The last part of the hike is accompanied by music.

I share this evening full of happiness, satisfaction and gratitude, as it contains too much beauty to keep these moments only for myself.

Türe von Daniela Egger. Fotografin: Germana Nagler
Doors - Daniela Egger

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