Körbersee - Der schönste Platz Österreich. Fotograf: Markus Hahn

© Körbersee - Der schönste Platz Österreich. Fotograf: Markus Hahn

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3. July 2018 | All

Lake Körbersee in the early morning

The most beautiful place in Austria

24 degrees: A place for your marriage proposal?

Early this morning we left for Körbersee. We – that is Katrin, Barbara, Hannes and I – all four employees at Lech Zürs Tourismus. These moments are among the delicacies of our job for one of the most beautiful destinations in the Alps, for which we are truly grateful. In this way we are able to capture the beauty of our mountains and bring the Arlberg region closer to our guests and all those interested. In this case we went to the Körbersee, this special place at the Hochtannberg, which received a lot of attention last year by the ORF broadcast “9 Treasures – 9 Places” – it was voted the most beautiful place in Austria by the viewers.

Ausflug zum Körbersee. Fotograf: Barbara Somitsch

From Hochtannberg to Körbersee

This place can be reached relatively quickly. From the Hochtannberg – the pass height between Bregenzerwald and Lechtal a relatively broad walk goes over hilly alpine country past numerous cows on a hill. From up here, the lake already peaks out, but it is still a few meters downhill until we can see it in full splendour. So there it lies, quietly and secretly, in a depression, almost reserved towards the mighty mountain peaks in the background: Juppenspitze with 2.412m, behind it the Mohnenfluh with 2.542m and a little further but still sublime and proud the Braunarlspitze with 2.649m. We are almost exactly 1,000 metres lower and can now enjoy this wonderful place for ourselves in the early morning.

Blick zum Kalbelesee. Fotograf: Markus Hahn

Marriage proposals and courageous swimmers

We walk directly to the shore, where a small footbridge protrudes into the Körbersee. Picturesque, even romantic are 2 small rowing boats on land. If a couple in love has ever said yes to each other here? Certainly! We are also sure that in midsummer, when it is unbearably hot in the valley, a few courageous people throw themselves into the Körbersee to cool down, after all the 8m deep lake gets up to 24 degrees warm. Today we are not so hot yet, so we decide to go for a walk around the lake and roam through the pigeon-netted flower meadows. It is so beautiful to be here!

Körbersee - Der schönste Platz Österreich. Fotograf: Markus Hahn

Back to business

Although there are numerous hikes here in the Tannberg region, we have to go back the same way – after all, “normal” office work is still waiting for us. We would much rather walk over the Auenfeld to Oberlech and Lech am Arlberg – but we don’t have that much time. Fortunately there are many other possibilities to discover all this here! Maybe we’ll see each other at Körbersee – or high up on Mohnenfluh? I, Markus and my three friends, would be happy!

Körbersee - der schönste Platz Österreichs. Fotograf: Markus Hahn

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