Blick von Oben. Fotograf: Hannes Heigenhauser

© Blick von Oben. Fotograf: Hannes Heigenhauser

20. June 2018 | Characters & Personalities

From above

Getting in the mood for the summer season

Sometimes it simply needs the view from above to understand the picture as a whole...

Hannes Heigenhauser

On 19 June – three days before the official start of the 2018 summer season – I hiked up to the summit of the Omeshorn after a hard day’s work. Because from time to time you have to look at things from above to adjust to the new. This article is about what is new and what highlights I am already looking forward to.

Important note: Hikes in the evening and early morning require stable weather conditions. To preserve the game and the grazing animals we recommend hiking during the day and hiking in the evening only near the villages.

At the last day of the winter season I stood at the top of the Spullerschafberg and was grateful for an accident-free and exciting winter. Now –  before the beginning of the summer season – I stand at the summit of the Omeshorn and look down to Lech, to Zürs, to Zug and over to Oberlech and hope that the coming summer will also be accident-free and bring me just as many impressive moments.

Again and again the clouds at the summit clear and give the view of the surrounding mountains. My gaze wanders to Lake Zürs, Hasenfluh and down towards Stuben. I remember all the beautiful descents and ski tours that I was allowed to undertake in winter...

Hannes Heigenhauser

Season start

Immediately after the winter season, the mid-season begins in spring. From one day to the next, Lech Zürs is transformed from a busy ski resort into a quiet village. Most establishments do not rent rooms during this time, but rather seek to relax after a long winter season and bring the season to a successful conclusion. Nature also needs this break… From day to day you can see that the white snow fields slowly give way to the lush green of the alpine meadows and the first flowers and herbs appear. The first hikes can be done in the mountains with a lot of sunshine. At the high mountains the snow remains of course a little longer. This breathing in nature is always a nice experience, because every day you discover something new in the landscape. Even if there is some peace and quiet in the village, it does not become quiet in this time… After all, the short construction period has to be fully exploited, which is why repair work and building projects are started immediately after the winter season. The Lech building yard is beginning to prepare all the roads for the summer. Also the doors at the green ring – an art project, which was distinguished recently with the innovation price of the country Vorarlberg – are brought again to their goal, in order to be admired by the green ring Wanderern. And also in the tourism office there is a new spirit of optimism after the season. The meetings of the coming summer must be concretized and the meetings planned for the next winter. And so the mid-season also passes quite quickly… The summer season starts in two days.

My gaze wanders down to the golf course in Zug. The green shines in the evening light and I am looking forward to finally playing golf myself on this beautiful course. In my mind, I walk in the Zugertal valley to Lake Formarin, where the red wall glows in the sunset. A magical atmosphere, a perfect evening.

Hannes Heigenhauser

Einstimmung in die Sommersaison. Blick von oben. Fotograf: Hannes Heigenhauser
Getting in the mood for the summer season

My summer highlights

Right at the beginning of the summer season Lech is again the venue of the 9th Arlberg Classic Car Rally. Already last spring it was an absolute pleasure to be able to admire the beautiful cars at the start and finish. And also this year the starting field promises a lot of variety! One week later the Medicinicum starts – also this year this Public Health event deals with a topic, which is absolutely in the spirit of our society: Namely with the extreme poles of pleasure and on the other side of addiction. I’m already curious to see where the speakers draw the line here and when pleasure actually turns into addiction. From a sporting point of view, I am looking forward to all the hikes, climbing tours and bike adventures that I have on my list this year. Also in summer I would like to stand once at the Mehlsack and hike the Gehrengrat. I would like to climb the Spuller Platten, in the climbing garden at the Göppinger Hütte and explore the numerous via ferrata in the region. And my big goal in August: The high altitude half marathon. Last year I was still on the way as a photographer, this year I will run as a participant!

I look down to Zürs and then over to Rüfispitze, which I climbed in spring. In the background of the Pazieltal the Valluga rises darkly. Again and again the peaks are covered by clouds, only to shine again in the sunshine a few moments later. I love this mountain world and feel comfortable here...

Hannes Heigenhauser

Moreover, in August I am looking forward to cultural highlights. The Lech Classic Festival and the Jazzbühne Lech attract internationally renowned musicians and masters of their trade to Lech to perform at their best in the midst of the impressive mountain world. To be able to watch the musicians live and to get lost in the songs is a privilege that I enjoy very much. In September I will continue with the Lecher Literaturtage and the Philosophicum Lech. Both events I was not able to attend last year, so the anticipation is all the greater! But I am also looking forward to the smaller events and festivals, such as the village festivals, the Tannberg market, the Sunday concerts and many more. Because they complete the overall experience of the mountain summer and make it unmistakable and unique! Such an abundance of events, festivals and various places of encounter in the midst of the mountain world of the Arlberg and the Tannberg is a wonderful mixture that you have to experience.

Frühlingsstimmung in Lech. Fotograf: Hannes Heigenhauser
In harmony with nature

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