Langlaufen in Zürs im Winter. Fotografin: Anna Hartmann

© Langlaufen in Zürs im Winter. Fotografin: Anna Hartmann

Anna Hartmann

9. March 2018 | All

Cross-Country Skiing in Zürs

Cross-country skiers live longer

Cross-country skiers live longer, that’s why we pack our cross-country skis today and go to Zürs to explore the cross-country ski trail there.


The local bus takes us from Lech to Zürs. Not far away from the Trittkopfbahn there is the 4km long cross-country ski run onto which we will enter right away. Despite of the fact that the sun is covered by clouds, it is pleasantly warm, the icy temperatures of the last weeks are history, slowly the spring announces itself.

Here we go! There is enough snow and the conditions of the trail are perfect. I quickly get warm, because the trail is very tough, it always goes uphill. After a few meters we take a break to enjoy a sip of water. Before we go any further, we marvel at the wonderful mountain scenery that surrounds us and a few photos later we continue – uphill again.

Langlaufen in Zürs im Winter. Fotografin: Anna Hartmann
Arrived at the pass at 1774m we decide against a stop in the Flexenhäusl. We take another short break to admire the breathtaking mountain world again, before it goes back  to the starting point of the cross-country ski run.

More information about the open cross-country ski runs and winter hiking trails here:



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