Best of the Alps Golf Cup am Golfplatz in Lech. Fotograf: Florian Holzherr

© Best of the Alps Golf Cup am Golfplatz in Lech. Fotograf: Florian Holzherr

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17. September 2018 | Events

Best of the Alps Golf Cup 2018

What a day! The day began in full fog. When I was driving towards St. Anton I already thought I wouldn’t see my balls flying in the fog, so close was the fog on the pass road.

Immediately after the Heinrich Findlkind gallery it was clear to me that I had worried for nothing, because in St. Anton there was no fog and the visibility was clear despite high clouds.

St. Anton

The welcome desk in St. Anton’s clubhouse had already been waiting for me with beautiful starter gifts: a beautiful Audi pitch fork and an Arlberg key ring, which has a coin with the Arlberg star to take out, which can be used as a ball marker and also as a coin for the shopping cheeks.

My flight colleagues – two experienced and sympathetic men – were ready for the start. So we went to the first tee: I could still do the usual warm-up exercises while the game leader gave us the instructions for our tournament. And then concentration and body tension for the first tee, which was very good for all three in my flight. We met Manuel Trappel on the way to the third hole – he is golf testimonial of Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH – who was already at tee 7. It’s great to be able to watch a professional tee off live and in this case to see that he doesn’t succeed in all strokes either.
You have to be fit for this course and have a good slope, because it goes quite uphill and downhill and the small ravines can be a real challenge.

At the third hole it was time: the sun has made its way through the clouds. Now it really warmed up the air and I could finally take off my jacket and felt the fine autumn warmth on my body. At the tee shot 4 my flight colleagues had to go even further up while I waited at the ladies tee shot. Now I had again time to look around me: from here one has a wonderful overview of the course.

Downhill to hole 4, lane 5 uphill again, lane 6 downhill over the wildly overgrown ravine and then lane 7 uphill again. Track 8 was again an experience for all three of us in my flight: the track is quite long to play across a steep meadow and then to play uphill again in a 90 degree corner. Despite the difficulty we were all three with the second shot on the green! Fully motivated we went over hole 9 to the club house and then immediately to the halfway catering to St. Christoph in the hospice. Here a soup duo waited for us: tomato soup and potato soup.

Golfplatz in Lech/Zug. Fotograf: Christoph Holzherr
Golf course in Lech/Zug. Photographer: Christoph Schöch


Then off to Lech for the second 9-hole round. It is the first time that the Best of the Alps tournament is played in this way: 9 holes in St. Anton and 9 holes in Lech. The responsible persons of the golf clubs would like to register this kind of playing with the ÖGV so that the two courses can be played as an 18-hole golf course at the Arlberg.

Here all flights had to wait until 14:00 o’clock. An attempt for the entry in the Guinness Book of Records was in progress: Manuel Trappel and Markus Kleissl were at Zug Schafberg and tried to play a ball on hole 1: incredible! If this record was broken we will find out soon, I think.

Then it went on again and these 9 holes were fantastic for me: the long break did me good: I could gather enough concentration and power to play this course for my golf novice handicap ingeniously.

The holes one and two nestle on gentle meadows below the last houses from Zug towards Zugertal. Tee 3 stands imposing in front of the rock wall of the Spuller Schafberg… I would have missed my tee shot soon because of all the amazement how small my flight partners were in front of this rock sand. The landscape here is simply unique. The track 3 leads the first time over the Lech river and the strokes of my flight were brilliant here! For the tee shot 4 my tee shots are still too short: here it goes over the Lech again, so I dedropped on the other side of the river.

Via lane 5 I went to the narrow lane of 6, which leads through the forest. Then there is a small incline to the tee shot 7 where you should hit the green directly… My flight was also very good here. Then it went over a very beautifully put on way by the forest to the tee shot 8 and then and over the fish pond on the last tee shot. After my two flight partners had sunk their balls into the water, I managed a par – three across the lake! The spectators on the clubhouse terrace swung the Ola for me J I couldn’t keep my joy any longer and bounced around screaming against the prescribed etiquette on the course! What a joy!


The award ceremony

The award ceremony after the Aperò Riche was also exciting: not only that I was able to take 3rd place in my category, but also because among the participants great prizes were raffled, including a stay for 2 people for 2 nights in one of the Best of the Alps places. I didn’t win this prize any more: I comforted myself by agreeing that I could live and work in one of the Best of the Alps places.

I am looking forward to being back next year on 14.09.2019 and hope to play more Best of the Alps tournaments this summer. It is a great opportunity to get to know new destinations.

Nice game to all of you!

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