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21. August 2019 | All

An E-Bike Tour in the magical valley of Zug

An e-bike tour into the picturesque Zugertal valley: on this fantastic tour to the Ravensburger Hütte, you find little huts, lakes and fantastic views. In three hours you will experience the unique natural landscape particularly intensively.

Bright blue sky, thunderstorm inclination equal to zero: It`s about time to leave the office behind early one Friday afternoon in order to get involved in a new experience: The E-bike. For a long time I refused to get on a mountain bike with an electric motor. Over time, however, the voices of colleagues began to grow as to how cool it was. I should definitely go on a trip by e-bike to the lakes in the Zugertal. All right, let’s go.


E-Bike Tour Spullersee – Ravensburger Hütte – Stierlochjoch

Together with Fabienne I quickly borrowed an e-bike from a sports retailer. The e-bike rental is even faster than the ski rental in winter. It didn’t take five minutes and our two companions were ready. My e-bike, like most models, has four steps. So it can be adjusted according to the gradient itself how much one would like to be supported. Apart from the admittedly very heavy weight of the e-bike, I am immediately familiar with it.

I immediately realized one advantage of the e-bike: Suddenly the ride through the beautiful Zugertal is no longer exhausting and I have time to enjoy the unique landscape to the left and right of the track. The picturesque village of Zug, the lush green alpine meadows around the Älpele, the firs and spruces around the confluence of Spullerbach and Formarinbach and of course the mountains in the Lechquellengebirge. Pure pleasure!

Markus Hahn
Markus Hahn Product Management Summer and Social Media Manager

Dalaaser Staffel and Spullersee

Former days, I just drove past the Dalaaser Staffel, but this time we allow ourselves the first rest here and enjoy the fantastic weather on the beautiful Alpe. The Dalaaser Staffel (the whole land area is called Alpe Spullers) was first mentioned in a document in 1380 and was an important point of reference for the population of the Klostertal. We treat ourselves to a delicious snack before we reach the Spullersee a little later. Its blue colour is simply fantastic on such a summer day – perfect for a small instagram photo shoot on a rock.

Dalaaser Staffel

Ravensburger Hütte

After a round trip around the Spullersee with a great view of the 2,485m high Rohnspitze, we continue to the Ravensburger Hütte. The Alpenvereinshütte of the Ravensburg section is located at 1,948m and is a popular meeting point on the Lechquellenrunde. We also stop here again and enjoy the delicious dumpling variation.


Stierlochjoch – Zug – Lech

Last but not least we head towards Stierlochjoch. We pass the Brazer Staffel with a view of the mighty Roggalspitze. Now the path gets really steep again and we are again thankful for our E-Bike. Arriving at the 2.009m high Stierlochjoch we are looking forward to the descent, where caution is advised due to the heavy e-bike and the gravel. At the end we reach the beautiful village Zug again and roll comfortably back to Lech.


Result: Gladly again!

At the end of the day we are both very happy to have tried the E-bike. Of course the ride on the asphalted road to the Zugertal is very pleasant. Downhill a lighter bike is certainly more pleasant, but the e-bike is still a very good alternative to the bus.

Click here for a detailed version of the E-Bike round: https://static.maptoolkit.net/routeCMS/route.html#id=39280372

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