Klangfeuerwerk Zürs


New Year's Day acoustic fireworks

01.01.2019 Edelweißplatz Zürs

You have just celebrated the slide into the New Year, you have toasted a healthy and successful year with your loved ones, or you have made some good resolutions for the New Year. And already on the first day of the New Year there is reason to celebrate again in Zürs. Because the Zürs New Year’s Sound Fireworks is one of the most beautiful events in the Zürs winter. Experience perfectly timed fireworks shows that merge with perfectly timed music to create a special overall experience. Be amazed at how the mountains are illuminated by the fireworks and let yourself be carried into new spheres by the wonderful music.
In 2019, we are pleased to welcome you to the sounds of Elvis at Zürs New Year’ s Sound Fireworks. We commemorate the King, who died on August 16, 1977. In the years and decades before, Elvis fascinated his audience with his very own style of music, a combination of the most diverse influences of his childhood and youth. For many artists, the musician from Tulepo continues to be an inspiration and role model. We are honoured to be able to listen to the great pieces of this great artist at the Zürs New Year’ s Sound Fireworks.


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