Medicinicum Lech


Medicinicum Lech

04.07.2019 – 07.07.2019 sport.park.lech

The healthy person in a healthy environment
Ecology as a key issue for our health and futureMedicinicum Lech 2019 focuses on a neglected but fundamental factor for health and well-being: our environment in a comprehensive sense and thus the relationship between ecology and economy as a key question of our future. Health begins with the environment and often ends with its influences. Around 20 % of illnesses and deaths in Europe are attributable to environmental factors. With a rising tendency!
The awareness that environmental protection is at the same time health care must be strengthened. The problem areas are multi-layered: climate change, mass animal husbandry, loss of biodiversity, glyphosate, diesel scandal, waste of natural resources or in short: a profit-oriented, greedy, unleashed economy. There is a growing call for a policy that commits itself to a sustainable interaction between man and the environment. The interaction of the economic, ecological and social environment in combination with personal lifestyle is becoming a key issue for our health and future. These connections and above all positive approaches, as they already exist in Europe and above all in Vorarlberg, will be discussed by doctors, physicians, economists and philosophers in the ecologically exemplary environment of Lech am Arlberg in exciting lectures and public discussions.


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