Lecher Musikantentag


12th Lech Musicians Day

27.07.2019 Ausgewählte Hotels & Betriebe

Children and adults in various costumes, young and old dancers, musicians, a colourful hustle and bustle. Until late in the evening, Lech plunges deep into a cloud of folk music.
At the Lecher Musikantentag in Lech Zürs am Arlberg folk musicians, singers and dancers from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol meet in Lech am Arlberg and transform the place into a large concert hall. Not only the different musical styles make the concerts unique, but also the diversity. Woodwinds, brass, percussion, plucked and stringed instruments as well as choirs reflect the musical breadth of the entire Alpine region.
Whether music shapes culture or culture shapes music will probably never be answered generally. What is certain, however, is that each Alpine region produces its own music and its own individual culture. Their own rhythms, harmonies, but also their own instruments. The alphorn, the zither or the button accordion are the well-known representatives. At the Lecher Musikantentag you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sound worlds of the individual regions, to listen to authentic Alpine instruments and to experience traditional songs of the different regions.


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