Snow and Safety Camps

The first step towards minimising risks in the mountains is to obtain expert advice and technical tips on rescue and equipment.

Snow and Safety Camps


Freeriding is freedom. No piste limits, no relaxing runs on groomed slopes. Just the powder, your skis and you. This is a sport like no other with its own way of life and its very own risks and perils.


After all, superficial knowledge and vague rules of thumb convey a deceptive impression of safety when freeriding. Our Snow & Safety Camps run by professionals aim to pass on the key knowledge you need to stay safe during the winter season and to minimise the risks accordingly.


With this goal in mind, this winter season we were lucky to obtain the services of three top freeride experts: Lorraine Huber, Stefan Häusl and Björn Heregger. At their respective camps, these professionals will teach you the proper skiing technique, risk management, appropriate behaviour in Alpine terrain, and key freeride tactics.


Deepen your freeride knowledge and take part in one or more of our Snow & Safety Camps.


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The Camps

Björn Heregger

07. - 10.01.2021


For years, former Freeride World Tour rider Björn Heregger has sworn by his equipment, a set up that's ready for every challenge. In addition to tech talk the camp will also provide content on avalanches, appropriate behaviour in Alpine terrain and freeride tactics for ascent and descent. 

Lorraine Huber

04. - 07.02.2021


The Freeride World Champion Lorraine Huber gives initmate insight into her skiing world. During this exclusive camp, Lorraine will pass on her experience as a professional freerider, state-certified ski guide and mental coach. 

Stefan Häusl

18. - 21.03.2021


Tips on how to ride lines, how to gauge the snow, and how to ski playfully are just some of the topics of the Snow and Safety Camp by Stefan Häusl. Along the way, you will ski some great runs and learn smart risk management.