Creating Facts, Forming Opinions

Impact Lech

9-12 June 2022


Markus Hengstschläger invites you to join him at a conference entitled "Impact Lech - Creating Facts, Forming Opinions" where the key topic of "Energy Competence" will be examined from various angles against the backdrop of gorgeous mountain scenery from 9-12 June 2022.


Lectures and panel discussions will address the topic of energy competence from a variety of vantage points, e.g. with regard to future sources and uses of energy, the aspect of societal and economic participation from the perspective of behavioural biology and behavioural economics, the role of digital transformation and artificial intelligence, as well as the importance of education as a key factor. There will also be discussions about what can be done to better anchor knowledge about "energy competence" in society. Ultimately, the aim of the organisers is to provide conference participants with the facts that will empower and motivate people to participate in the process.