Arrival and departure information Covid-19


Holidays are possible again. Entry from all neighboring countries and most other European countries (Annex A*) is much easier now: All you need is proof that you have either been vaccinated, tested, or recovered from Covid-19. Quarantine and registration (pre-travel-clearance) before crossing the border is no longer required when travelling from many countrys (Annex A*)


Holiday and tourist travel is possible again. The 4th amendment of the entry regulation brings further facilitations: Entry from states with a low incidence of infection (Annex A*) is now possible for vaccinated, recovered or tested persons without subsequent quarantine (“3-G-Regel”). Upon entry, it must be shown credibly that you have stayed exclusively in one of these states/territories within the last ten days.
As of 10 June, persons entering from countries with a low incidence (Annex A*) of infection no longer have to fill out an entry registration (pre-travel clearance)! In the case of entry from high-incidence areas (Annex B1*), the pre-travel clearance registration must be completed without any changes.


We recommend that you book a Covid-19 test shortly before you start your journey, provided that you have not yet been vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19. This will ensure that you can cross the border without any issues. It will also give you a recent negative test result to present to your accommodation provider when checking in. PCR tests must be no older than 72 at the time of check-in; rapid antigen tests must be no older than 24 hours.


If, contrary to expectations, the test result before arrival is positive, the Vorarlberg State Tourist Board’s free corona cancellation insurance will reimburse you for the cost of cancelling accommodation and meals. Every trip to Vorarlberg in summer 2021 is automatically insured:


Register on the coronavirus portal (German) of the state of Vorarlberg before you arrive to take advantage of free rapid antigen tests, which will allow you to enter restaurants, sports and cultural venues and leisure facilities.


Please familiarise yourself with the current regulations before you arrive. The most important information is available at:



You can download an interactive travel planner with all current regulations here:


Your journey home will be governed by the regulations of your home country. Consult the interactive travel planner at for the latest information.