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2nd Lecher Literature Days

Literature in alpine areas

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01. und 02. September 2018

Alpine rooms were and are sources of inspiration for authors and artists. In Lech, the alpine region becomes a reading room. Different literary forms are thus presented in a new guise and new opportunities for encounter between author and listener arise.


Saturday, 01.09.2018: Slam am Berg
Start: 13:00

Place: Kriegeralpe

Sunday, 02.09.2018: Literature breakfast
Start: 09:15 o'clock

Place: Rüfikopf

Breakfast incl. ascent and descent € 31.00
Breakfast only € 18,50.-

Tickets available at Lech Zürs Tourismus.
Further information:
E-Mail: info@lech-zuers.at
Phone: +43558321610

Program Saturday | 13:00Slam am Berg

The Kriegeralpe again offers a unique stage for the poetry slammer, which will inspire the audience with puns and speech acrobatics, sharpness of thought and flashes of inspiration as well as their individual performance. The special appeal of the poetry slam results from the relaxed approach to the art of language and the entertaining presentation of it on the one hand and the interaction with the listeners on the other. The public vote decides the winner, which adds tension to the modern poetry competition.

Lineup of the Poets

Felix Kaden (DJ) Maurice Massari
Darling Simon Tomaz
Pauline Füg Sophia Syzmula
Ines Strohmaier

Presented by: Lukas Wagner

*A valid ticket or Lech Card is required for the ride on the Oberlech mountain railway, the Petersbodenbahn and the local bus.

How to get to the Kriegeralpe

Programm Sonntag | 09:15Literaturfrühstück

Am zweiten Tag der Lecher Literaturtage wird zum Literatur-Frühstück mit Lesung ins Panoramarestaurant am Rüfikopf geladen. Auf über 2.350 Metern Seehöhe mit atemberaubendem Blick auf die umgebende Bergwelt von Lech Zürs erhält der Begriff „Literaturgipfel“ eine völlig neue Bedeutung.


Jolanda Spirig
Markus Koschuh
Barbi Marković

Musikalische Begleitung 

Javier Rodaro

Preis: Frühstück inkl. Berg und Talfahrt € 31,00.Nur Frühstück 18,50.-*

Auffahrt mit der Rüfikopfbahn: 08:30 Uhr/ 09:00 Uhr

*Für die Fahrt mit der Rüfikopfbahn wird ein gültiges Ticket oder die Lech Card benötigt.

Authors and Poets Short profile
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    Felix Kaden (DJ) Poet

    Who moves in the German-speaking slam scene, cannot get past Felix Kaden. The jack-of-all-trades is a popular DJ and slam poet at the big events, as well as with the little ones. As a resident DJ he is actively on the road at all special Slamlabor events. "For me, poetry slam is the art of using my own language to bring bridges to collapse and the audience to applaud." Felix Kaden, born in Dresden in 1989, has been on slam stages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland for over 10 years. For Slamlabor he is a resident DJ at every major event. In 2010 he started - rather by chance - his work as a slam DJ. Meanwhile the DJ collective "CultureEpic - Sound" exists with the colleague Benjamin Warmuth. Since 2011 Felix Kaden can also be seen as an impro actor. In addition to his work at Siemens, Felix Kaden is also repeatedly in the spotlight with his Tinx publishing house, which he implements together with Daniel Wagner. Tinx Verlag publishes books by promising slam poets. Felix Kaden has already published a book entitled "Dekadente Wortkaskaden", which was published by TinX Verlag.

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    Maurice Massari Poet

    Clear the stage for Maurice Massari! Born in Berlin, he now lives in Passau, Germany and, in addition to his slam successes, is also a successful cabaret artist. Apart from his successes in Passau, he has also been one of the most popular poets in Bavaria and western Austria for some time now and is also actively "overbooked" far away from these regions. He came to Poetry Slam because he had spent his first 10 weeks at university doing "couchsurfing", whereby he was dragged to a slam event by a host and friend. "I wanted to save myself the entrance fee and just went along with it." His performances are just as crazy as his start. "The man with the big mouth" is not only incredibly funny with his lyrics, but also manages to realize an incredible performance on an acting level. His lyrics always have a deeper, ambiguous background. Winning an event is of secondary importance to him, but he can count tens of prizes among his references. Among other things, he has won at various Slamlabor events and is regularly on stage at the Bavarian Championships.

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    Darling Poetin

    Darling, born and raised in Tyrol, has been slamming in poetry and prose since 2016. Since then, she has participated in slams throughout Austria and in regional and national championships (2017 participation in W/N/B Championships and Ö-Slam; 2018 finalist of the W/N/B Championships), nominated for the International German-Speaking Championships in Zurich in November 2018, published in various anthologies and magazines under bourgeois names and pseudonyms, for example in "Anthologie junger Tiroler Literaten" (Kyrene 2007), in "Slam, Oida! 15 Years of Poetry Slam in Austria" (Lektora 2017) or in the magazine "&Radieschen" (2017)".

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    Simon Tomaz Poet

    Born in Vienna in 1992, he can look back on a successful slam history. He began his career in 2012 on the stages of Vienna. Meanwhile he inspires and fascinates all of Austria and Germany with his art! Everyone who has experienced Simon Tomaz knows that he is a master of language. Together with his team mate Elias Hirschl (Team "Somali Holztisch Seminar") he reached the final of the German Slam Championships in 2016, won the Austrian Slam Team competition and became Austrian Vice Champion in the Solo Contest in the same year. Clever puns on a very high level, that's Simon Tomaz! Always a welcome guest at our events!

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    Pauline Füg Poetin

    The German author, stage poet and psychologist is one of the most active and successful slam talents in the German-speaking world. In 2011 she received the Culture Award of Bavaria for her diverse commitment, in 2015 the Culture Promotion Award of the City of Würzburg. Since 2003 she has been active as a slam poet and has already reached the finals of the German-speaking championships twice. Numerous publications in various works, teaching activities and countless projects. One thing is certain: Pauline Füg is a woman at work who knows what she is doing and who miraculously turns scraps of words into experiences.

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    Sophia Syzmula Poetin

    Sophia Szymula, one of the greatest U20 linguistic talents in the German-speaking world, is already thrilling masses across borders with her young years. That we were able to win her for the line-up is a guaranteed stroke of luck, she is one of the most sought-after slam athletes in Germany. The young Leipzigerin was with her language art already several times in the television, stood in the final of the German-language championships and qualifies itself by skilful language art of the finest, which usually ends in a humorous departure. With Sophia passion meets stage. A rewarding obligatory experience!

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    Ines Strohmaier Poetin

    Vorarlberg in western Austria had to wait a long time for new, young talents: with Ines Strohmaier it's time.  The artist, who lives in Riezlern (Vorarlberg, Austria), was born in 2001 in Hall in Tyrol and has been on slam stages in Austria since 2017. After she took part in the speech contest in her school and could count on successes, she became aware of slam through detours. The young poetess writes creatively, emotionally and sometimes a little crazy, and at her first performance she felt so much adrenaline that she never wanted to let go of the stage. When she finished her first event with a victory, she knew she wanted to be on many more slam stages.  She usually writes her lyrics at night, as she would rather see herself as a night owl. In return, she has set herself the goal of making a living from writing at some point. "But until then I will do everything, more than just my best," says Ines Strohmaier. Those who can and want to experience them regularly on slam stages recognize that they give the best. Text for text, she not only continues to develop in writing, but with her performance she is also increasingly creating an artistic ego that is characterised by positive thoughts and a deep message. 

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    Jolanda Spirig Autorin

    The author was a translator, editor and freelance PR consultant. She has been awarded the Rheintaler Kulturpreis for her impressive biographies of women, which she has published since 1995. "Embroidery and prayer", "Apron seamstresses", "Stubborn - urged to sterilise", "Coffee with breast milk" and "Fani- A maid's life" have been widely discussed. The author grew up in Rebstein, not far from the textile company Jacob Rohner, which she explores in her current book. She lives and works in Marbach SG.

    Book launch:
    With her book "Embroidery and Prayer", the author Jolanda Spirig from Eastern Switzerland gives an insight into the textile dynasty of Jacob Rohner, who also did embroidery in Lustenau. Photos and family films show the everyday life of the strictly Catholic Rheintaler factory owner family, who had their daughters trained in the monastery Riedenburg in Bregenz and their sons in the Stella Matutina in Feldkirch. Former employees shed light on everyday working life in what was then Switzerland's largest embroidery company.

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    Markus Koschuh Autor

    Markus Koschuh, born in 1977, lives as a cabaret artist, writer, poetry slammer and presenter in Innsbruck and works and works throughout the German-speaking world. The two-time Austrian Poetry Slam Champion and Vice European Poetry Slam Champion likes to show himself as mad as well as relentlessly critical, as for example in the programme "Agrargemein" (2012/2013), which was celebrated as the best Tyrolean cabaret production since Otto Grünmandl. In his current program "High Season. The last one turns off the light" Koschuh is dedicated to tourism. Felix Mitterer on Markus Koschuh: "With his new cabaret programme "High Season", Markus Koschuh apparently wrote the long overdue continuation of the "Piefke saga" in my place. And again - after 30 years! - there is turmoil and - in his case - bans on appearances. Who would have thought?" In addition to numerous anthologies, the column collection "Koschuhs Kugelschreiber" (published by Studia), the poetry slam text collection "Voulez-vous Koschuh avec moi? (Haymon Verlag) and "Olympic Village. Small Town in a Global Village" (University Publishers Wagner).

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    Barbi Marković Autorin

    Barbi Marković, born 1980 in Belgrade, studied German language and literature in Belgrade and Vienna. In Belgrade she worked as an editor at the Rende publishing house. She has lived in Vienna since 2009, in 2011/2012 she was city writer in Graz, the results of her city typeface project appeared in 2012 as "Graz Alexanderplatz". In 2009 she caused a sensation with the Thomas Bernhard Remix novel "Ausgehen" (Izlazenje, 2006) as a pop writer of a new generation. This is followed by short stories, plays, radio plays and numerous prizes and scholarships. "Superheroine" is the first novel that Barbi Marković wrote partly in German and partly in Serbian. She will receive the Alpha Literature Prize in 2016 and the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung in 2017 for "Superheroes.

    Book launch:
    Every Saturday three superheroes meet in the run-down Café Sette Fontane for a working session: Mascha, the brave support of the group, Direktorka, inexperienced but keen to experiment, and Marija's granddaughter with a dilatable conscience and revenge in her blood. They have dark, chaotic forces, bring justice to the suburbs and vainly plan their rise into the middle class. "Lightning of Destiny" and "Extinction" are their weapons, with which grandmother Marija destabilized an entire country. After failed appearances and painful apprenticeships in Berlin, Belgrade, Sarajevo and other cities, the "superheroes" triumph in the worst of all happy ends.

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    Javier Rodaro Musician

    Already in his early years, the young musician with his band "The Westsides" was one of those who dedicated himself to indie soul. With his talent and the band he travelled already then across Austria and large parts of Germany. Since the age of 17, the successful guitarist and singer has also stood solo on the boards that mean the world. Everyone present feels that he sings with passion and feeling. In addition to appearances in Linz (Jedermannbühne) and Salzburg, he is also a popular guest away from Austria, whether at company parties, festivals or other festivities. One of the reasons why we chose this guaranteed highlight this year. Javier Rodaro, a name to remember for a long time to come. 

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    Lukas Wagner Curator / Moderation

    Born in 1993 in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria, the event manager has been performing on stages in German-speaking countries since he was 15 years old. Meanwhile he has played just over 500 gigs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Since March 2014, the trained media expert has lived in his adopted home of Salzburg in the heart of Austria, where he set up his own language art events in 2015. After more than 80 events he was awarded the Salzburg Culture Prize with his event & advertising agency WENAVI and the Slamlabor brand. Since 2018 he has been the curator of the Lecher Literaturtage.