Tanzcafé Arlberg | LESLIE CLIO

Wed, 12.04.2017, 04:00pm
Location: Die Krone von Lech

Modern soul-pop with a touch of retro

German singer and songwriter Leslie Clio released her first album “Gladys” in 2013 on Universal Music. A retro soul pop record which charted at #11 in the German album charts, her success in the charts has been matched with music videos amassing over 6 million views on YouTube so far. The singles “I Couldn‘t Care Less“ and “Told You So” became instant airplay hits and earned her a nomination for an “ECHO“ award, the most important music award in Germany. Following the success of her first album, Leslie Clio released “Eureka” in spring 2015. The album charted at #13, while the first single “My Heart Ain’t That Broken” became another top 50 airplay record and has garnered more than 10 million streams on Spotify to date. Leslie is currently working on her 3rd album, which is tentatively scheduled for release in spring 2017.