Tanzcafé Arlberg | [DUNKELBUNT] LIVE

Sun, 02.04.2017, 02:00pm
Location: Sonnenburg, Oberlech

A spicy starter

The ’Reinheitsgebot’“ (purity requirement) is not what Ulf Lindemann is about, neither in his role as a musician nor an expert spice mixer (which he creates from his own recipes). Originally from Hamburg, he now lives in Vienna and is well known under his stage name [dunkelbunt] live. For years, his productions have followed the credo of ’anything is possible!’. Balkan beats meet electro swing, hip hop grooves with sunshine reggae and bluegrass collides with Bollywood trap.“ (Falter, Gerhard Stoeger)

From his beginnings with jazzpiano and Turntablizm, [dunkelbunt] live has created “World Electronica“ since the end of the 1990s, fusing organic and electronic soundscapes and rhythms from around the world. His international breakthrough came in 2003 with the Balkan hip hop single “The Chocolate Butterfly“, quickly followed with the electro swing hit “Cinnamon Girl“. In 2014 he scored his first German hit with the song “Egal“.