5th Festival LegeArtis Lech

Fr, 16.09.2016 - Su, 18.09.2016

Lege artis means according to the laws of art

LegeArtis Lech is an international music festival which sets itself a challenging task – to create a concert platform for classic music stars of the next generation. The festival also provides a stage for young and already successful musicians to perform side by side with renowned artists.

Outdoor activities and sports create the image of Lech during summer, while Festival LegeArtis Lech followed by Philosophicum Lech embody the cultural season of the Lech during autumn.

In Lech, the festival will present a program of music of contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, including his famous Stabat Mater. The program, performed on historical instruments, is typical of the era of early romanticism.

More information: www.legeartislech.com